Our History 

A History, A Method , A Result

Our HISTORY begins more than 50 years ago, when Enzo Rossi founded the company taking advantage of his strong experience in precision machining.
Production of sprinklers for other companies of the first period was soon substituted by the construction of sprinklers with a trade mark of our property .
Born in a region of Italy of great mechanic tradition, the company is grown adopting solid rules :excellent materials, precise machining, care of details, careful controls. Then, during time ,the range of products was improved and updated, bringing to a relevant specific competence.
The introduction of modern production techniques, internal development of new models and their commercialization in many countries have determined the company's evolution, without renouncing to the principle that has sustained the company since the very beginning, and still characterizes our production: quality of our products.
The continuous improvement of performances obtained through constant research is our daily METHOD OF WORK.
The consequence of all this is a long lasting, reliable, performing, efficient product: all qualities necessary for your good RESULTS.

Snapshots Of Our Work

Machining On R25/R25S Arm

Only brass of the best quality for the arm of our sprinkler R25/R25S, machined with attention and then mounted with an internal self-lubricating bushing to assure a superior, long lasting performance

Machining Of R15S Body

Precision of mechanical machining and an optimized distribution of water are the main features of sprinkler R15S. One nozzle only and many other peculiarities allow to obtain a very light and homogeneous rain,even without the aid of a secondary nozzle.

Machining Of R15/R15S Arm

The arm of R15/R15S is painted with epoxy painting and machined different times before adding a self-lubricating bushing that will work in direct contact with the central inox pin, assuring a satisfying performance for many years.