SPRINKLER R25S in open field: uniformity even near the sprinkler and long throw.
SPRINKLER R6 in a nursery: the right quantity of rain for each pot, for each stage of growth.
SPRINKLER R25S used for agriculture : homogeneous growth for sure results in quality and quantity.
SPRINKLER R3S in professional horticulture:slight rain and proven reliability to meet the market expectations.
SPRINKLER R15S watering a garden: slight and uniform rain to turn flowering into real beauty.

our production

*Production of metal impact sprinklers for irrigation in agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, greenhouses and gardens
*Construction of customized sprinklers for other companies.

our quality

*We choose the best raw materials*
*We use only excellent parts and components*
*We take care of working processes,finishes and design*
*We offer sprinklers of high performance*
*We obtain efficient and long-lasting products*

your results

Natural rain has been giving optimized results since the beginning of times. We go on giving credit to nature satisfying your necessities where ,when and as much as you need.

EIMA 2022

Thank you for having visited our booth in Eima 2022. See you in Eima 2024 , in Bologna, 6-10 November